Hill Haven Cognac 39B
Registration Number: 4212254
Sire: SBF Hennessy 32Z
Dam: Hill Haven Vera 18W

BW: 100 lbs. • WW: 761 lbs. • YW: 1280 lbs.
Frame Score: 6.5
Canadian Percentage: 95.4
Rib Fat: .28 REA: 13.2 IMF: 5.43

Top 10% of the ASA: WW, YW, CW, $F

Cognac continues to sire fantastic body mass on a proportional and sound frame. His rib shape and depth, square and wide hip, and stout features are attributes we feel are needed to take the next step in continuing to create low maintenance cattle with great maternal performance and improved carcass traits. His outcross genetics, yet similar phenotype to much of our herd, should aid in the production of more efficient progeny performance. As an added bonus, Cognac is an exceptionally eye appealing bull with a smooth shoulder, trim neck, masculine, cocky head, and soft, manageable hair. Due to all these outstanding characteristics, Cognac was widely accepted in the show ring as well winning Spring Bull Calf Championships at the 2014 Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto and at the 2014 U.S. National show at the NAILE. His calves have been the first selections from the sale pens for the past two years.  His sons are massive, sound and stout.  His daughters are maternally shaped, attractive, and modern.




Hahn Supremacy C42E
Registration Number: 4249616
Sire: Hill Haven Cognac 39B
Dam: Hahn Elizabeth P42B

BW: 80 lbs. • WW: 646 lbs.

Top 10% of the ASA: WW, YW, TM, $F

Supremacy is the son of Cognac that will move us another step forward.  His mother is the popular donor, Hahn Elizabeth P42B sired by the great Prestige 0665.  Supremacy has a great skeleton, is exceptionally deep bodied and will blend the performance and stout construction of Cognac with the low birth and flawless structure of his mother and maternal grand sire.  Additionally, he is long bodied on a moderate frame with ideal muscle design through his hip into his quarter and stifle.  He includes the bells and whistles of huge feet and incredible hair.



Hahn Quiet Night P7F
Registration Number: 4266379
Sire: Ash Valley Prestige 0665
Dam: Hahn Wynonna C60C

BW: 76 lbs. • WW: 464 lbs.

Quiet Night is the newest calving ease sensation at Hahn Shorthorns.  His sire needs very little introduction to those that have followed our genetic program.  0665 is the go to sire for quality coupled with sleep all night calving ease.  Further utility is added into P7F through his mother.  She is a maternally designed, full sister to the great Frazier C806 bull used here to moderate birth weights and maturity patterns while improving carcass quality.  In addition to his genetic profile, P7F is cocky fronted, square built, and good at the ground.  He will see heavy natural service in our yearling heifer pasture.




DPH Contender SP2104
Registration Number: 4081869
Sire: Studer's Pretender 96th
Dam: SAH Roseanna 300HR

BW: 86 lbs. • WW: 723 lbs. • YW: 1274 lbs. • SC: 37cm
Frame Score: 6.4
Canadian Percentage: 87.5

Top 10% of the ASA: WW, FT, CW, $F

Contender has been our genetic giant for well over a decade.  He was a champion in the showring however his greatest contribution has been in our pastures, feedlot, and sale pens.  His daughters are standout donor quality matrons.  His sons are easy feeding, quick maturing, and have exceptional carcass traits.  We continue to utilize him through AI and ET and his get continue to top our sale pens every year.  Watch for his limited sons, daughters, and grand-progeny as they will be popular breed leaders for the next decade.




MJH Frazier C806
Registration Number: 4107796
Sire: DPH Contender SP2104
Dam: HAHN Wynonna NL504

BW: 76 lbs. • WW: 725 lbs. • YW: 1280 lbs.
Frame Score: 6
Canadian Percentage: 94

GENESTAR: Quality Grade: ** Tenderness:*** Feed Efficiency: ********

Top 10% of the ASA: FT, $BMI


Frazier has proven to be the calving ease son of Contender out of the great donor Wynonna 504.  He bends the curve with low birth, outstanding early growth and early maturity.  Coupled with his carcass quality and maternal value, we continue to utilize Frazier as a moderator and sire of desirable replacement heifers and profitable freezer beef feedlot cattle.




Owned with Green Spring Farms, Frederick, MD

HAHN Undisputed
Registration Number: 4117239
Sire: DPH Contender SP2104
Dam: HAHN Roan Gem NL 4204

BW: 75 lbs. • WW: 730 lbs. • YW: 1290 lbs.

Top 10% of the ASA: WW, YW, CW, FT, $F

Undisputed was a redneck roan son of Contender and the prolific Hahn donor Roan Gem 4204.  He adds stoutness and power in a moderate, sound package.  We have gone back and used him to create more rugged, massive cattle.  His daughters in the replacement pasture are standouts and continue to be popular on sale day.




Ash Valley Prestige 0665 (Deceased)
Registration Number: 4171128
Sire: JSF/RB Prestige 8U
Dam: ASH Valley Grace 8630

BW: 76 lbs. • WW: 583 lbs. • YW: 1164 lbs. • SC:38cm
Rib Fat: .13 REA: 12.2 IMF: 4.1


Top 10% of the ASA: BW, CEM, ST, MB

We all know that there is both a real and perceived calving ease problem within our great breed of cattle. To that end, we have been trying to create cattle with more manageable birth weights and larger pelvic areas without sacrificing any of the breed’s gains in muscularity and carcass efficiency. What better way to achieve all these goals in one package than to purchase Prestige 0665 from Loving Farms. The Loving name ensures generations of cattle bred for real world practicality and function while the Proud Jazz lineage is industry accepted as a high quality Shorthorn calving ease option.  Prestige has proven to improve longevity, milk, and skeletal integrity.  His progeny and grand-progeny will continue to highlight our offerings.



Owned by 3BC Shorthorns, Pierce, NE

Hahn Glide P20A
Registration Number: 4194353
Sire: Ash Valley Prestige 0665
Dam: Hahn Leading Lady C16Y

BW: 86 lbs. • WW: 684 lbs. • YW: 1218 lbs. • SC:37cm
Frame Score: 5.5

- Top 10% of the ASA: ST, REA

Glide was a popular exhibit in the yards of the NWSS and was selected by Schomberg Shorthorns to headline their herd sire battery.  We retained a semen interest to utilize his combination of Prestige, Contender, and our Leading Lady maternal line.  His first calves here have been very exciting and he will see greater service in the future.  Offspring are wide centered, deep bodied cattle with extra substance of bone and muscle.






Waukaru Benchmark 4014
Registration Number: 4209145
Sire: Waukaru Goldmine 2109
Dam: Waukaru First Kiss 2094

BW: 71 lbs. • WW: 589 lbs. • YW: 1087 lbs. • SC: 37cm
Frame Score: 5
Canadian Percentage: 100%
Rib Fat: .11 REA: 11.00 IMF: 5.63

Top 10% of the ASA: CED, MK, TM, FT, $BMI

Benchmark is the rarest combination of genetic predictors in the breed today. He combines exceptional calving ease, fantastic growth, and breed leading maternal value. By ranking in the top 10% of the breed for CE, WW, YW, MM, and MCE, as well as the top 15% for BW, Benchmark's EPD's place him at the top of the ASA's database for this exclusive combination. Benchmark is not a "show" bull but we feel there is significant value in his ability to provide another calving ease option without Jazz influence while generating herd and breed leading females with the genetic and physical traits necessary to increase efficiency and profits. His smooth build, near ideal skeleton, and impressive IMF measurement simply add to his utility.




Owned by Schroeder Family Shorthorns, Columbus, NE

Hahn Why Not B5D
Registration Number: 4231601
Sire: Waukaru Benchmark 4014
Dam: Hahn Elizabeth P42B

BW: 70 lbs. • WW: 812 lbs. • YW: 1227 lbs.

- Top 10% of the ASA: MK, TM, CEM, FT, $BMI

Why Not got his name when he was run through the chute on castration day.  He is horned and out of a first calf heifer, but his quality was very apparent.  When the ultimate question, “Should we see how he develops and keep him, even though he’s horned?”  the popular response was “Why Not?”  We are glad we made this decision.  Why Not matured into an impressive herd sire.  He is sired by Waukaru Benchmark 4014 and dammed by Elizabeth P42B.  He is a surefire calving ease sire with some added growth and extension.  His first calves will arrive in 2018.



Owned by Bar Rocking X Shorthorns, Cortez, CO


Hahn Royal C45D
Registration Number: 4235679
Sire: Hill Haven Cognac 39B
Dam: Hahn Wynonna C239Y

BW: 86 lbs. • WW: 681 lbs. • YW: 1241 lbs.
Ultrasound: Rib Fat: .20 • REA: 13.1 • IMF: 5.93

- Top 10% of the ASA: THF, PHAF, DSF


Royal is one of the stoutest herd sires we have ever created.  He is the combination of Cognac and a massive full sister to Frazier.  He is one of the most impressive bulls in the breed in terms of squareness and spread down his top, width and shape to his hip and quarter  all while maintaining outstanding shape to his rib, huge bone and foot on a smooth attractive frame.  He will stouten up the flatter made, current phenotypes without sacrificing eye appeal and balance.  We excitedly await his first calves in 2018.

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