Ash Valley Prestige 0665 *x4171128 • THF • PHAF • DSC
JSF/RB Prestige 8U X ASH Valley Grace 8630
Top 10% of the breed in MCE

BW: 76 lbs. • WW: 583 lbs. • YW: 1164 lbs. • SC:38cm
Rib Fat: .13 Rump Fat: .12 REA: 12.2 IMF: 4.1


Top 10% of the Breed: CE, BW, MM, $CEZ

We all know that there is both a real and perceived calving ease problem within our great breed of cattle. To that end, we have been trying to create cattle with more manageable birth weights and larger pelvic areas without sacrificing any of the breeds gains in muscularity and carcass efficiency. Greater documentation within our herd and genetic base has begun to develop more consistency and basic knowledge of how our cattle are going to respond in their environment. However, we still needed that one extra step to not only expand on these traits, but to present name recognition and validity to the unmatched importance of calving ease and calf mortality. What better way to achieve all these goals in one package than to purchase Prestige 0665 from Loving Farms. The Loving name ensures generations of cattle bred for real world practicality and function while the Proud Jazz lineage is industry accepted as a high quality Shorthorn calving ease option.


Hill Haven Cognac 39B
*x4212254 • THF • PHAF • DSF

Canadian Percentage: 95.4

Cognac was purchased from Hill Haven Shorthorns in order to further our ambition to create better beef animals. We were attracted to his fantastic body mass on a proportional and sound frame. His rib shape and depth, square and wide hip, and stout features are attributes we feel are needed to take the next step in continuing to create low maintenance cattle with great maternal performance and improved carcass traits. His outcross genetics, yet similar phenotype to much of our herd, should aid in the production of more efficient progeny performance. As an added bonus, Cognac is an exceptionally eye appealing bull with a smooth shoulder, trim neck, masculine, cocky head, and soft, manageable hair. Due to all these outstanding characteristics, Cognac has been widely accepted in the show ring as well winning Spring Bull Calf Championships at the 2014 Royal Agricultural Fair in Toronto and at the 2014 U.S. National show at the NAILE.


DPH Contender SP2104
(Now deceased) - *x4081869 • THF • PHAF • DSF
Studer's Pretender 96th X SAH Roseanna 300HR

BW: 86 lbs. • WW: 723 lbs. • YW: 1274 lbs. • SC:37cm • Canadian Percentage: 87.5

Top 10% in the breed in: WW, YW, MCE, CWT, $F, $BMI

Contender has been the centerpiece of our breeding program over the last few years and will remain so due to his daughters’ ability to maintain flesh, milk, and produce marketable offspring. He is also the first sire used here that we actually hope for sons. His bull calves are widely accepted for their masculinity, rugged construction, and profitable carcass traits. We will continue to feature Contender through AI and ET work and utilize his sons to further propagate his genetic ability. His genetics will only be available through his offspring. Semen is not for sale due to his death.


MJH Frazier C806
(Now deceased) - *x4107796 • THF • PHAF • DSF

DPH Contender SP2104 X Hahn Wynonna NL504

BW: 76 lbs. • WW: 725 lbs. • YW: 1280 lbs. • Canadian Percentage: 94

GENESTAR: Quality Grade: ** Tenderness:*** Feed Efficiency: ********

Top 10% in the breed in: MCE, Marb, $BMI

One of the first sons of Contender, Frazier continues  to make a lasting impact on our herd's ability to produce moderate, easy fleshing cattle with improved carcass quality.  Although deceased, his service continues through AI and through sons in order to build on increased IMF, earlier maturity patterns, and lower input costs.  Average birth weight on 59 calves has been 81.2 lbs. with an average calving ease score of 1.15.   16 of his daughters scanned 5.03% IMF at 410 days.


HAHN Fusion F36W
(Now deceased) *x4158231 • THF • PHAF •  DSF
MJH Frazier C806 X HC Leading Lady 130C

BW: 78 lbs. • WW: 841 lbs. • YW: 1301 lbs. • SC:40cm • Canadian Percentage: 91

Rib Fat: .38; REA: 14.84; IMF: 3.87

-Owned with Top Notch Stock Farms, Lynn and Gale Nelson
Albert Lea, MN

A higher performing, better balanced version of his sire, Frazier, Fusion impresses with his ability to maintain moderate mature size and flesh without sacrificing growth and muscle.  Fusion is owned with Top Notch Stock Farms and we will continue to utilize his genetics to propagate the balance, power, and practical traits he transmits.  Fusion comes from our popular foundation family, the Leading Lady's, and was his mother's 16th calf. His first 6 calves here averaged 86.3 lbs.  His first 3 daughters scanned an average of 1.26 in2 REA/cwt and 5.07% IMF at 410 days.


HAHN Lot One C17Y
*x4172511 • THF • PHAF • DSF
DPH Contender SP2104 X HAHN Reflection NL3206

BW: 88 lbs. • WW: 594 lbs. • YW: 1171 lbs. • SC: 37cm

Rib Fat: .35; REA: 15.2; IMF: 4.9

Top 10% of the Breed: WW, YW, CWT, $F, $BMI

-Owned by Chad & Sharon Barnett

Lot One is a great built, super sound son of the increasingly impressive Contender.  Owned by Chad and Sharon Barnett, he will see heavy use at Hahn Family Shorthorns through AI to proliferate his skeleton, great balance and genetic profile.  Lot One is the best son of the Rose foundation family.  His mother, as of the fall of 2013, posts a calving interval of 359 days, average birth weight of 89.5 lbs, average calving ease score of 1, and average 205 day weight of 610 lbs. from 6 calves.


Chosen C14Z
(Now deceased) x4158584 • THF • PHAF • DSF
DPH Contender SP2104 X Hahn Alicia NL4105

BW: 83 lbs. • WW: 745 lbs. • YW: 1304 lbs. • SC:42cm

Rib Fat: .35; REA: 14.7; IMF: 3.7

Top 10% of the Breed: MCE, $BMI

Chosen is the Contender son we have selected to use here.  He is a great structured bull with a big hoof and ideal flexibility.  His flat shoulder, moderate size and genetic make-up have him in service to almost all of our yearling heifers.  His mother, Alicia 4105, is the matriarch of one of our five foundational families.  As of the fall of 2013, she has had 7 calves with an calving interval of 363 days, average birth weight of 81.4 lbs., average calving ease score of 1, and average 205 day weight of 622.


Creature C4B
*x4209067 • THF • PHAF • DSF
DPH Contender SP2104 X CYT Delight 0163

Canadian Percentage: 94

Top 10% - WW, $F

Creature is one of the most truly unique herd sires produced at Hahn Family Shorthorns. He combines exceptional muscle shape and body width with near ideal flexibility and balance. Coupled with his smooth shoulder and rib shape, Creature was a popular exhibit at the 2014 NAILE and was named National Reserve Junior Bull Calf Champion. We are expecting his progeny to come easy and yet have explosive pre-weaning growth, as evidenced by the spread between his 81 pound birth weight to his 738 pound 205 (in-herd ratio of 120). Contender, his sire, is the genetic backbone of our operation and is a breed leader in growth performance without sacrificing calving ease and balance. Creature's fullblood Canadian mother is a very low maintenance good milking young cow that has started her young producing career with a MPPA of 106.9. When mated to larger framed, flatter sided, and coarser made cows, Creature should make more muscular, softer bodied, more modern calves.

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