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HAHN CL Chaos S21H
HAHN Supremacy C42E X HAHN Roan Gem P56D
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HAHN Encore C25H
Hill Haven Cognac 39B X Hahn Wynonna C53D
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This calf has been a standout since day one.  After he dropped, we all agreed, his mother needed to get to Blueprint Genetics and flushed the same way.  Watch for a full sister to Chaos being born the spring of 2021.  To put it simply, he is his father’s near clone right down to his color pattern.  We love his feet and legs, his extension coupled with body mass, predictable calving ease, and eye appeal.  Additionally, he is thicker and wider based than his father at this age. This dude is truly special.    Not since his freakish genetic brother, Hahn Royal C45D, has there been a herd sire prospect in Minonk with this combination of muscle, bone and look.  Encore adds greater utility in that he has greater length of body and is more laid back in his blade than C45D.  We still believe Shorthorns are beef cattle and need to be able to have some performance and power and Rewrite should be an answer for breeding programs that need that 3rd dimension to go with the show heifer silhouette. 
WJM Makers Mark C4H
ASA# 4304151
HAHN Royal R32F X WJM BP Pretty Lil Lie D4C
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We really like this son of Hahn Crown R23F.  His skeleton and design is a carbon copy of his sire while possessing a shot more muscle shape.  C4H is awesome down his top and hip, carries more muscle into his quarter and steps on big feet as he goes.  He is attractive on the profile and displays some famous maternal names in his pedigree.  His daughters will be special.   
Customer Testimonials
Customer: Rachel Waggie, Doswell, VA

I purchased a Leading Lady bred heifer from the Hahn’s Practical and Profitable sale in 2012. She is one of my favorite cows because she is a great mother and has a calm temperament. I was thrilled when she had a Prestige heifer calf in April of 2013. I have shown that daughter over the past year and done very well. I am now excitedly awaiting the arrival of the cow’s second calf in the next month. As for the Hahn family, they are some of the nicest people I have met in the cattle industry. If I ever need advice on what to do with my cattle, they are happy and willing to help. I have had a great experience working with Hahn Family Shorthorns, and I plan to do so again in the future.
Customer: Dan & Val Wasinger, Wasinger Cattle Company, MN

We’d like to give a big shout out to Hahn Family Shorthorns for their unsurpassed customer attention and high-quality/functional cattle!

Hahn’s “keep it real” they focus on producing marketable cattle for not only the Shorthorn breed but, beef cattle in general. We’ve been fortunate at Wasinger Cattle Company to buy some of our most exciting young-stock from Hahn’s along with our newest herd bull Hahn Journey T18Z. Two of our most exciting heifer calves this spring are decedents of Hahn Family Shorthorns and sired by Ash Valley Prestige 0665. If you haven’t worked with this great operation yet, we highly suggest that you do; they have nice cattle and a lot of knowledge they are willing to share, which is greatly appreciated and we thank them for that!

Thank you Hahn’s!
  Customer: Samantha Straley - Solin Cattle Company
To The Hahn Family

I am still smiling. What a weekend.
You folks are a joy to be around and do business with and for putting up with me.
I learned so much in that time.
The wow factor has not and I do not think will were off for quite some time.
I have one suggestion that you add something to your Practical Profitable slogan and that is Proud.
My wife and Bart will tell you that’s what I kept saying was how proud I was to be part of everything that happened.

Another Proud Owner of Hahn Livestock
Russ Francis

In the spring of 2015 we made the trip down to Hahn’s after seeing their sale heifers online and just thought we have to go look at these girls! We came home with a February Marvel heifer and it was one of our best decisions yet! She is one of those heifers that were a good show heifer but an even better cow! Marvel calved while we were out at Shorthorn Junior Nationals all by herself no problem at all, she has great maternal abilities and milks just like her EPD’s said she would. The quality we purchased from Hahn’s was exceptional, there is nothing like having a show heifer be able to be turned out to be a cow and still look good, but to have a calf that is healthy and growing and still maintain her own body. Besides the high quality we bought, the Hahn’s were such a pleasure to work with. Aaron didn’t sell us a heifer and say see you later. But to this day kept in contact with us wondering how the Marvel girls are. He has also helped us with breeding decisions, and so much more! We bought a show heifer that turned into a cow and will make us profitable for years to come. We couldn’t be happier with our Hahn purchase.

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